Our Story

Our Story

“A chance to create magic for those you seek to serve “

Our modern-day founders’ story began in the Summer of 2020, with what seemed like a chance connection. Unbeknown to one another, we each took a leap of faith to join The Creative’s Workshop led by bestselling author Seth Godin. The alchemy in that virtual space, full of ambitious creatives, sparked a kinship across the world and began a life-changing adventure.

Two dancing hearts transforming the way you experience mindful moments by crafting exceptional books, that connect curious little minds and seasoned souls to the power of breath and meditative rituals.
Like curious little hummingbirds we found a natural synergy in our passions, purpose and pursuit of that “je ne sais quoi”. We’re ambitious Virgos, empaths and spiritual souls, inspired by art, nature and the fusion of Eastern and Western philosophy. We find our flow by connecting the dots in creative collaboration.

Our spiritual mojo has led to a vision founded on creativity, curiosity and connection

The Flip & Flow you see today is an evolution of concepts and a fusion of narratives, driven by a heart-centered approach and emotive design. We find joy in the enchanting magic of bringing an idea to life.

Guided by our four founding philosophies:
To build a business that brings calm to chaos
To design a book That’s much more than Eye candy - it’s soul food
To innovate with creative generosity
To change the way you think about mindful moments

Setting goals with soul

Our values are the foundation of our business goals

Made to be simple, yet significant
Created authentically for ease and flow...sparking rituals for the soul, like a drop starting a lifelong ripple effect.
Dedicated to purpose, designed for play
Designed for curious minds and playful spirits - deep rooted in scientific research and full of purpose.
Serving people, and our planet
BIG on heartprints not carbon footprints. Committed to sustainable, ethical production and positive social impact.

We hope you will join us on our journey… connecting hearts, minds, and souls as we let our breath be our anchor.

Neha & Tina

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