Flip & Flow books

Flip & Flow books

The Flip & Flow books are your stepping stone to a beautiful ritual with lifelong ripple effects.

Flip & Flow is no ordinary book–it’s your mindfulness companion, made to stand by your bed, desk, or anywhere you need the inspiration.

It’s an invitation to explore with each flip of a card, as you create your own symphony and enjoy building a holistic daily ritual.

The more you interact with the meditation and mantra prompts, the more you strengthen and deepen the connection to your mind, body and breath.

The Flip and Flow is a unique hybrid product, interactive yet screen free, playful yet educational, simple yet expansive.

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Spiritual magic lives in the adaptive design, curated for whichever stage of life you're in.

"Studies show that children and young adults who learn specific sequences of mindfulness exercises can develop positive habits that strengthen reasoning skills, support innovative thinking and problem solving, and instill self-esteem."

Reference: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4238887/

Introducing Our First Publication

Once Upon a Breath...In a Magical Forest

Our first book in the Flip & Flow series is thoughtfully designed for children, to inspire them to use their breath as a superpower.

Our forest friends were lovingly created to invite your child to find their own happy place.

Plant the seeds of a growth mindset

Guide your little adventurer to play with the Flip & Flow, as they explore their thoughts and feelings, and discover connections between the mind, body and breath.

Let your imagination run free, and enjoy creating a calm space to reflect together.

Our next release will be designed for adults - sign up to our newsletter for more details and exclusive publication news.

Begin on the Meditation side...

Create your own holistic meditative stories, by flipping the 4 cards, each designed with a sensory prompt. Flow through the unique sequences as they bring intention and heightened awareness to the present moment. Explore your inner landscape, by using the book as a beautiful springboard for a deeper understanding of the mind-body-breath connection.

Continue on the Mantra side...

Continue your meditative journey as you turn the book around to find your mantra for the day. Think of our mantras as poetry for the soul, positive affirmations that inspire emotional resilience and intrinsic motivation. Create a ritual of repeating affirmations aloud, as you follow the flow of the visual narrative. Embody your intention. Set off an eternal whisper to your soul.

"A consistent mindful practice bestows self-awareness

and empathy, leading to improved emotional, mental,

physical, and social resilience."

Reference: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4238887/

Beautiful design, backed by science

Practicing breathwork and meditation with the Flip & Flow nurtures:

Why Choose The Flip And Flow

  • Sparks curiosity and remains engaging day after day by offering over 1,000 possible sequences

  • Develops emotional literacy and promotes a growth mindset from a young age

  • A playful and artistic way to connect the mind, body and breath

  • Encourages self-agency through "choose your own" meditation and mantra options

  • Captivates the imagination with adaptive, thoughtful, child-led design

  • Creates a beautiful ritual that becomes the foundation for a holistic lifestyle

  • Interactive yet screen free; simple yet expansive

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