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...because every adventure starts with a breath...

Namaste Introducing

The Flip & Flow

Welcome to your daily invitation, full of whimsical wonder, to nurture your emotional wellbeing.

The Flip & Flow is the first of its kind, bringing a sense of luxurious tranquility to your bedside table.

Take that mindful moment to observe, connect, and create peace within.

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Let’s go on a mindful adventure


The Flip & Flow is an enchanting flipbook
that invites you to create your own
guided meditation and empowering
mantra every day.

Beautiful design, backed by science

Practicing breathwork and meditation with the Flip & Flow nurtures:


Growth Mindset

Emotional Intelligence


Self Esteem

About Us

We’re Tina and Neha, and we’re so glad you’re here!

Our spiritual mojo has led to a vision that’s founded on creativity, curiosity, and connection.

We believe wholeheartedly in our passion and ability to be thoughtful contributors in the field of mindfulness.

Goals With Soul

To inspire mindful rituals for all the family
with innovations that integrate
Imaginative breathwork, playful stories and neuroscience

Bringing calm to chaos with a sense of

Ease, fun and flow.

Where will your mindful adventures take you today?

Flip the cards to discover over 1,000 combinations of
sensory breathing exercises on one side, and empowering
affirmations on the reverse.

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The first edition, Once Upon a Breath... In a Magical Forest, has been lovingly created for little adventurers, to inspire them to use their breath as a superpower.

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